bacon_NeonHere we go for the first “episode” of Late night snack with one of my best friend Alex aka DJ JustKrooks.

We’ve been at Chez Gaston (Quebec city) to eat a “Sylton” which is their biggest poutine, but it wasn’t enough for us so we took an extra cheese, an extra bacon and an extra sausage. All this for something like 18$, DAMN THAT’S CHEAP ! This place is really a must in Quebec city if you’re looking for a good poutine during the night and guess what; they close at 4h am on friday and saturday, THIS is nice !

Alex : “I eat too much, I’m full for a week. Poutine was excellent, perfect for a Friday night after the boudoir. There is even a discount for those who have the stamp.”


Stay tuned for more crazy picture and video of Late Night Snack !


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